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New estimates for January 2008 result in new #1 book

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

by John Jackson Miller

In a rare move, Diamond has done a full rerelease of statistics for January, addressing some of the curiosities noted in earlier posts below. Click to see my new calculations for January.

It does appear Diamond included some orders in their initial report that aren't in this one; unless they're absolutely phantoms, one possibility is that some February data got into the mix. It's generally the items shipping in the later weeks that have been revised; the first-week data has changed relatively less. There were also a couple of February-shipped items, Uncanny X-Men #495 and Amazing Spider-Man #549, in the earlier file, which also suggests a mixing somehow. In any event, that material is now gone, and the new chart squares up nicely with known orders. These changes affect the overall category unit and dollar values, and also the positioning of several items. This also resulted in some items dropping out of the Top 300, with a handful of new entrants.

Those are not the only changes in the re-run. Diamond seems to have merged some order codes, including joining the previously separate Phoenix Comicon Hulk #1 with the rest of the Hulk #1s — significant because it moved the book into 1st place


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