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Yearly Diamond overviews now online

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The new site has sped the restoration of pages to the point that now, we're back where we were, and then some. Now online are the Yearly Diamond (and Heroes World) Overviews, summing all the reports the distributors put out in each individual year. So you can start with the 1996 Comics Sales Market Summary and go straight through to the 2008 Comics Sales Market Summary.

You'll also find depictions of the #1 comic book for each individual month — but note that very few of the pages before January 2007 have been posted yet. These will be coming along in the next few months and can be found in an earlier, less detailed form still on CBGXtra. But you can see what the top-sellers were — pretty interesting, in the case of 1999, when, near the bottom of the market collapse the only thing that was really working was Uncanny X-Men — #1 ten out of 12 months! (Call it the widows-and-orphans stock of the comics industry — when there are no other big events going on, X-Men historically is #1 by default.)

Anyway, the structure is now there and the individual pages will be installed soon. Stay tuned!


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