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$3.99 now the most common cover price for comic books

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

by John Jackson Miller    Bookmark and Share

Throughout the last few years, we've been reporting the slow and steady climb of comic-book cover prices — but we've always also been able to say that the most common cover price for comic books offered by Diamond Comic Distributors has remained $2.99, even in months when the average cover price was climbing as much as 55¢ more. No more. In March 2010 — a month that is looking to be a very good month for comics sales, for which our sales estimates will be along soon — the record was broken. More comic books in Diamond's Top 300 were priced at $3.99 than $2.99.

It's still close: 130 comic books were priced at $3.99, with 124 priced at $2.99. The intermediary step, $3.50, continues to be bypassed with only 16 comics at that level.

It is mainly a psychological barrier, as the average price of comic books offered was $3.55 — and the average price of all comics retailers ordered was $3.52. The average price will not be $3.99 until a lot more comics are priced higher still — and that does not look likely any time soon. Only eight comics were priced at $4.99 in the March Top 300. It's also possible the most common price might drop back to $2.99 in some later month. But it is a noteworthy moment, right back with the first time most comics were priced at 15¢, 50¢ or a dollar. Four bucks is the new four bits, kids...


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