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Diamond expands 2010 lists with non-Premier top sellers

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

by John Jackson Miller

Yesterday, Diamond released its Top 500 comics and trades, extended on Comichron here to the Top 1000s in each case; this post described the process. Today, in line with Diamond's monthly release of supplemental lists of items sold by "non-Premier" (or back-of-the-catalog) publishers Diamond has added the top 200 comics and top 200 trades from non-front-of-the-catalog publishers. 

This adds 192 items to the comics list, stretching all the way down to 2,231st place. The graphic novel list adds 44 more items. The order index number for multiplying is 632, the same as for December 2010; thus, the 2,331rd-place item, Dynamite's Red Sonja Annual #3, had orders of 8,140 copies.

I won't be adding these lists to the site, as the list is long enough already, but with it we can more confidently extrapolate a few extensions to our list:

26 comics had orders of over 100,000 copies in 2010
68 comics had orders of 75,000-99,999 copies in 2010
209 comics had orders of 50,000-74,999 copies in 2010
648 comics had orders of 25,000-49,999 copies in 2010
Approximately 245 comics had orders of 20,000-24,999 copies in 2010
Approximately 313 comics had orders of 15,000-19,999 copies in 2010
Approximately 519 comics had orders of 10,000-14,999 copies in 2010

So everything in the Top 2000 had orders above 10,000 copies. Totaled, we find the following:

Top 1000 Comics units: 45.3 million copies
Second 1000 Comics units: 15.8 million copies
Non-Top 2000 comics which made the Monthly Top 300: 8.2 million copies
Top 1000 Comics dollars: $160 million
Second 1000 Comics dollars: $57 million
Non-Top 2000 comics which made the Monthly Top 300: $29 million

We know what's outside the Top 2,000 because we've seen 3,600 entries in Diamond's Top 300 each month. However, that grouping is something less than 3,600, because of reordered comics which reappear (and would, thus, be combined into a single entry). Clearly, however, the first grouping accounts for nearly triple the comics and dollars of the second grouping.


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