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Monday, November 3, 2008

Title spotlight section started

I realized there was still one section yet to be restored from the previous incarnation of the site — only, it wasn't really a section then, and it wasn't how I wanted to present it. The Yearly Comics Sales section presents rankings of comics sales figures reported in postal Statements of Ownership — but that's only one way to present that data, and it only shows a small part of it.

So take a look at the first of the Title Spotlights — which really are Postal-Statement spotlights, as, in the case of Batman, they only go up to when DC stopped mailing subscriptions Second Class (1987). But here — particularly in the case of a "completed" title from my database's standpoint, like Doom 2099, you can see almost every fact reported in the Statements (except for the ownership data itself, and the "most recent issue" data, which is always statistically less useful).

My hope is that I can get these tables online a few at a time. As there are more than 300 such titles, I'll probably end up with a different directory system for them when they appear online. You may also see me giving preference to posting short-run titles — it's better to post a completed title than one where data collection is in progress — although there will be cases where the page itself represents a call for data. In the case of Batman, you'll see that while I've got the sales figures for some years, because I used secondary sources, I didn't always have the print run data, etc. Those are places where your help is invaluable — and you'll see an e-mail address on these Title Spotlight pages. (For now, I'm only looking for the missing numbers on the titles I've got Spotlights for — I will probably post a more detailed "want list" later on.)

Finally, it is the season — so anyone who hits copies of Marvel or Archie comics (or any comics) with 2008 Statements, please drop me a line at jjm [ AT ] Clear scans are best, although simple numbers work too — please, also report the issue number and cover date the statement was found in.
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