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Monday, December 15, 2008

Diamond November 2008 data rollout continues

And Diamond now has posted more charts on its website: the Top 100 comics for November, the Market Shares, the Top 50 Manga, and something called the Top 50 Independent Comics chart. I am told that the full charts are still yet to come.

The manga are, as in previous such lists, not indexed. The indies are indexed, and would seem to be a resorting of the list, pulling out Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse. I can see some definitional discussions — doing magazine issues about "independent" publishers in the past sometimes had every publisher wanting to be so labeled, or else publishers declaring they weren't indie publishers — but it's an interesting sorting nonetheless.

In terms of new information, this month's Indies list doesn't add anything to what would be the regular Top 300, as everything here is in the Top 300 already (by the Quantity Ranks listed). If it did, it would be tricky to overlay atop the existing data, at least in the apples-to-apples department — you might have items above 300th place one month, but not the next; and there'd of course be no items above 300th place for the majors. The info would be interesting on its own, but you'd probably still want to limit aggregate comparisons to the Top 300.

The spooling out of the release does have interesting effects for the blogosphere, which got the Top 10 last week — and Newsarama has a report on the Top 100 today. While The Comics Chronicles will post early data or links to it as time is available, we're more of an informational resource than a news site, so expect our main monthly posting to follow the release that includes the most data — the Top 300.
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