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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Diamond-era records now online

What's the best-selling comic book in the last dozen years? What's the worst-selling top-seller? There's a reference for that now — as the Comichron "book of records," long-delayed, is finally beginning on site, with the Diamond Era Records page now online. Covering April 1997 to present, it's a first step — and it includes, beyond high-and-low-selling issues and months, info on highest average prices and market share peaks for the major companies.

We find that the Obama Amazing Spider-Man issue, which does indeed look to land around the 353,000-copy direct sales mark, looks to be the best-seller since December 1997, and Image's Darkness #11, which had preorders of 357,000 copies across 11 covers. Missed it by that much!

Obviously, this is a page which will grow and be amended over time. There is also an all-time page in the works. And follow the caveats on the page; the records here are derived from estimates using the Diamond data, and thus include nothing else, like a comic's sales on the newsstand. Both Pokémon #1 and Ultimate Spider-Man #1 had significant external sales, for example — and we have no way of adding for sure what the Obama Spidey's newsstand sales were as of yet.
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