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Monday, October 26, 2009

Superman sales, 1960-1987... and 50 years of Statements of Ownership

By request — and finding that I had almost all of them — I have posted all the circulation data published in the main Superman title beginning in 1960 and running until DC stopped publishing sales data in 1987. By that time, the series had transformed into Adventures of Superman; it may appear to be information for two titles, but as far as the Postal Service regulations were concerned, it's all one series. (It recently changed back to Superman with #650, another restoration of a legacy title's historic numbering.)

Superman, we see in the yearly tables, was the #1 title for several years in the 1960s — and probably in 1963-64 as well, years in which DC published Statements with no sales figures. While the Statement of Ownership period at DC is only a chunk of the title's long history, I include a little bit about estimated sales before 1960 and after 1987. Everything from 1996 on can be found in the monthly sales charts here on site.

The Superman file is nearly complete; while I have numbers from 1960 and 1961, I do still want to see copies of the actual Statements for 1960 and 1961. (1961 is in #151; 1960's is probably in #143 or thereabouts.) If you locate these Statements, drop me a line. There are also ones without numbers from the 1940s and 1950s; those would be interesting to see just to add their issue numbers to the database.

And on the subject, it's that time again: Statements of Ownership for 2009 sales are now appearing in comic books offered by Periodical Class subscription. This means most ongoing titles from Marvel, Archie (including digests), and odd other titles including Mad. DC, Dark Horse, and Image titles do not publish Statements.

I'm gathering many of these on my own as usual, but if you find some and want to help, send clean scans (as well as the issue number and cover date of the series you find the Statement in) to me at jjm [at] Just the numbers will work, too, but note that I need the figures in every field — and, importantly, only the numbers for the average for the year; the figures for "issue closest to filing date" do not account for full returns and are not useful.

This is the fiftieth year for which sales figures will be available in Statements; in Archie, we'll soon have all 50 years!
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