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Friday, May 3, 2013

Strong April keeps comics market on half-billion dollar pace for 2013

by John Jackson Miller

North American comics shop retailers ordered just over $41 million worth of comic books and graphic novels in April 2013, an increase of more than 18% over the same month last year, according to data released today by Diamond Comic Distributors.

That figure brings the year-to-date total to $163 million, up more than $25 million from 2012 at this point. If the later months of the year continue at the same pace, the Direct Market is on track to easily exceed half a billion dollars in orders for the year. In fact, the market would just top $500 million if the next eight months were completely flat. (Last year's total was $475 million.) That's how much ahead things already are.

Batman #19 from DC led the comics sales list in the month, during which IDW once again saw its highest market share yet posted.

The aggregate change figures:

APRIL 2013 VS. MARCH 2013
 Comics -4.95% -5.73%
 Graphic novels 10.32% 10.11%
 Total Comics/Graphic Novels -0.56% -4.56%
APRIL 2013 VS. APRIL 2012
 Comics 13.87% 11.71%
 Graphic novels 14.83% 19.00%
 Total Comics/Graphic Novels 14.18% 12.29%
 Comics 19.44% 16.85%
 Graphic novels 15.85% 14.15%
 Total Comics/Graphic Novels 18.32% 16.64%

Age of Ultron took several spots on the top-sellers list for comics: 

1 Batman #19 $3.99 DC
2 Thanos Rising #1 $3.99 Marvel
3 Jupiter's Legacy #1 $2.99 Image
4 Age of Ultron #4 $3.99 Marvel
5 Justice League #19 $3.99 DC
6 Age of Ultron #5 $3.99 Marvel
7 Age of Ultron #6 $3.99 Marvel
8 The Walking Dead #10 $2.99 Image
9 Batman and Red Robin #19 $2.99 DC
10 Guardians of the Galaxy #2 $3.99 Marvel

It was a month with roughly equal gains in comics and trades. The perennial best-seller, The Walking Dead Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye returned to top of the graphic novel charts:

1 The Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye $14.99 Image
2 The Manhattan Projects Vol. 2 $14.99 Image
3 Happy $12.99 Image
4 Saga Vol. 1 $9.99 Image
5 Punk Rock Jesus $16.99 DC
6 Batman Detective Comics Vol. 1 Faces of Death $16.99 DC
7 Batman Detective Comics Vol. 2 Scare Tactics HC $29.99 DC
8 Batman Killing Joke Special Edition HC $17.99 DC
9 Swamp Thing Vol. 2 Family Tree $14.99 DC
10 Hawkeye Vol. 1 My Life as a Weapon $16.99 Marvel

As noted above, IDW beat its previous market share record, reaching 7.54%. Its previous best mark was in February, 7.09%. The market shares:

Publisher Dollar Share Units Share
Marvel 37.95% 41.78%
DC 25.98% 27.72%
Image 9.04% 9.87%
IDW 7.54% 5.59%
Dark Horse 4.35% 4.09%
Dynamic Forces 2.98% 2.60%
Boom 1.92% 1.97%
Valiant 1.04% 1.11%
Eaglemoss 0.94% 0.19%
Zenescope 0.80% 0.72%
Other 7.46% 4.37%
So, at least as of the preliminary charts, April looks to have been a month right in line with the gains of the 2012-13 comics recovery. The full charts will be out next week.

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