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Monday, October 9, 2017

Marvel Legacy #1 ships 298k copies, top comic of 2017; DC's Dark Nights stays strong with #2 near 150k

by John Jackson Miller
 Marvel Legacy #1
Just back from New York Comic-Con, an amazingly busy event — and while attendance numbers have not been released, the outside observer certainly wouldn't have suspected it was taking place in a year in which comics and graphic novel orders had been, through September, down 10% in the Direct Market, as was reported here Friday. Of course, we don't know how independent the variables of convention attendance and comics sales are, but a strongly attended event is still likely to be a much better sign than the opposite. And on the print side, there's at least a change in trajectory because, again as noted Friday, this summer's losses have been pared somewhat, and Marvel's September beat its previous September by 14%, thanks in part to Marvel Legacy #1 moving more than 298,000 copies. Click to see our comics order estimates for September 2017.

That makes it the top-seller of 2017 thus far, beating out last month's new leader, Dark Nights: Metal #1; the second issue of that came in second place with nearly 150,000 copies shipped. It seems positive that we're getting new entries atop the top-sellers for 2017 list; again, better than the alternative. It'll be interesting to see how Legacy shakes up that list in October once the event is fully underway.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Marvel up 14% year-over-year in September as Legacy #1 tops charts; overall market pares losses

by John Jackson Miller

I had mentioned on Twitter earlier this week that while last September was a strong month for the Direct Market thanks to DC's Rebirth program, the month's sales levels offered a relatively reachable target. While information released today by Diamond Comic Distributors shows that September 2017 comics and graphic novel orders, at $43.52 million, fell six points short, that represents the smallest year-over-year drop since May.

Perhaps more significant, given the narrative we've seen in 2017, is that according to Comichron's analysis, orders for Marvel comics and graphic novels were up 14% in dollar terms over last September. That's an increase of about $2 million at retail, representing the publisher's best year-over-year performance since June 2016. The chart-topping Marvel Legacy #1 has something do with it, of course, and while there's always some level of deep-discounting on graphic novels, Marvel's unit and dollar shares were pretty close to one another -- right around 38% -- so there can't be too much of it involved. Marvel's 88 new comic books in September was also the smallest number of periodical releases for the publisher in any month this year.

Marvel's improvement relative to its past performance continues the reversal noted here last month of the trend seen earlier in 2017, in which the publisher was entirely responsible for the industry's decline in dollar terms; as of September it was DC, up against last year's Rebirth numbers, which accounts for the lion's share of the loss. But there, too, DC's rate of decline in September was nearly half what it was in August, thanks to the continuation of its Dark Multiverse event and the fact that Rebirth was starting to come down off its heights this time last year.

Does that mean that October, when DC's comparatives get easier and in which Marvel's Legacy event will be fully underway, will turn positive? Perhaps not a bet to take, as it will be a challenge: Marvel's October and November last year, while off from 2015, were relatively strong. An important question is whether graphic novels continue to under-perform: whereas periodicals pared their rate of loss for the year in September, graphic novels, led by Walking Dead Vol. 28, were down 13% in dollars. The number of new graphic novels in September was nearly the same as in August, which had an extra shipping week; new comics volume may seem high, but 365 new graphic novels is more than we've seen in a four-week month in three years.

The percentage changes:

September 2017 Vs. August 2017
Graphic Novels-14.41%   -15.46%
Total Comics/GNs-4.81%-0.08%
September 2017 Vs. September 2016
Graphic Novels-13.14%   -16.98%
Total Comics/GNs-6.07%-6.37%
Year-to-Date 2017 Vs. Year-to-Date 2016
Graphic Novels-11.83%-13.22%
Total Comics/GNs-10.00%-6.71%

While the rate of decrease, as noted, did improve in September, the overall quarter was off 16%, the largest quarterly drop since 2003, when final orders began being reported by Diamond. There aren't too many events like Rebirth to be found in previous years.

The market shares:

Dark Horse2.44%1.70%

The top-selling comics:

1Marvel Legacy #15.99Marvel
2Dark Nights: Metal #2$3.99DC
3Venomverse #1$4.99Marvel
4Batman #30$2.99DC
5Batman #31$2.99DC
6Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1$4.99DC
7The Walking Dead #171$2.99Image
8Batman: The Red Death #1$3.99DC
9Batman: The Murder Machine #1$3.99DC
10Action Comics #987 Lenticular Edition$3.99DC

The top-selling graphic novels:

1Walking Dead Vol. 28$16.99Image
2Batman: The Dark Knight III: Master Race HC$29.99DC
3Star Wars: Darth Maul$16.99Marvel
4East of West Volume 7$16.99Image
5DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 4: Past Times At Super Hero High$9.99DC
6Sex Criminals Volume 4: Fourgy$16.99Image
7All-Star Batman Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy$16.99DC
8Royal City Vol. 1: Next Of Kin$9.99Image
9Harley Quinn Vol. 3: Red Meat$16.99DC
10Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 5: Past Lives$17.99Marvel

And the volume of new releases:

Dark Horse1613029
TOTAL SHIPPED48636520871

I'm appearing this weekend at New York Comic-Con, so look for the estimates next week as soon as I can get to them. But in the meantime, if you missed it, check out our feature on legacy numbering across time; my thanks to Bradley Glynn for helping to double-check some of the data there.

Comichron founder John Jackson Miller has tracked the comics industry for more than 20 years, including a decade editing the industry's retail trade magazine; he is the author of several guides to comics, as well as more than a hundred comic books for various franchises. He is the author of novels including Star Wars: Kenobi, Overdraft: The Orion OffensiveStar Wars: A New Dawn, and the Star Trek: Prey trilogy. Read more about them at his fiction site.

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