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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kirkman's Die Die Die #1 tops reorders; Power Rangers, Batgirl lead advance reorders

by John Jackson Miller

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The surprise-shipped Die Die Die #1 from Image Comics led comics shop reorders for the week ending July 22, pushing Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #1 into second among reorders for comic books. Infinity Gauntlet again the top reordered softcover.

The Avengers: Endless Wartime graphic novel from 2013 was part of a special sale, and was as a result the top hardcover. The top new hardcover was DC's Dark Nights Metal Deluxe Edition.

Click to see the full reorder chart for the week ending July 22.

Looking at August, Boom Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid #1 holofoil variant was the top advance-reordered comic book and item overall. A  Batgirl #25 variant was second. Venom by Cullen Bunn was the top trade paperback.

Click to see the full advance reorder chart, as well as all our August-so-far charts.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fantastic Four #1 dominates week's advance reorder charts; Batman #50 again leads reorders

by John Jackson Miller

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The reorder charts for the second week of July are out from Diamond Comic Distributors, and show that, again controversy or not, DC ComicsBatman #50 was the top reordered comic book last week by North American retailers.

The Jonathan Hickman Avengers Omnibus Vol. 2 was the top hardcover.

We've consolidated our reorder reports so that the charts appear on the pages that will eventually house the sales estimates. Click to see the latest reorder chart, which is housed on our July page. 
Advance reorders, which were mostly taken in June, are on the top half of the page.

Meanwhile, among advance reorders, Marvel's Fantastic Four #1 took 16 of the top 17 slots. The book by Dan Slott and Skottie Young is due out August 8. Click to visit the August page and our latest advance reorder chart.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Comics and graphic novel sales down 6.5% in 2017

According to new estimate by ICV2 and Comichron

The comics and graphic novel market slipped 6.5% in 2017, with sharper declines in comic store and newsstand sales mitigated by stronger sales in the book channel and digital, according to a new joint estimate by ICv2’s Milton Griepp and Comichron’s John Jackson Miller. Total comics and graphic novel sales to consumers in the U.S. and Canada remained above $1 billion at $1.015 billion in 2017, a $70 million decrease from sales in 2016.

“After a multiyear growth run, the comics shop market gave back some of its gains in 2017, with lackluster response to new periodical offerings and, consequently, graphic novel sales,” Miller said. “The third quarter of 2017 saw the worst of the year-over-year declines, leading into what has turned out to be a stronger spring for stores in 2018.”

“While there was some softness to the market in 2017 (which we attribute to cyclical rather than secular change), there were positive signs,” Griepp said. “The relative strength in the graphic novel and digital markets, especially the growing market for kids titles across print channels, bodes well for the future.”

Digital sales were flat, the strongest performance of any channel in 2017. The book channel (mass and specialty retail chains, online, independent bookstores, book fairs) was the strongest print channel, with only about a 1% decline, helped by booming sales of kids’ graphic novels. The comic store channel, the largest channel overall, dropped around 10%, while the smallest channel, newsstand, shrank to a size not seen since the dawn of comics as the last remaining DC comics left newsstands in August.

As presented above and in the accompanying infographics, the analysis by Comichron and ICv2 was divided up between periodical comics (what some call “floppies” or “pamphlets”), graphic novels, and digital download-to-own sales. All print figures are calculated based on the full retail price of books sold into the market, and do not account for discounting or markup. Digital sales do not include subscription or “all you can read” services.

This is the fifth joint market size analysis from ICv2 and Comichron; the first four reports were for 201320142015, and 2016 sales. ICV2 and Comichron also previously collaborated on revised estimates for 2011 and 2012. There is also a video version of this report:

ICv2 is the #1 industry source on the business of geek culture, including comics and graphic novels, hobby games, and showbiz on its Website,, and in its magazine, Internal Correspondence. For the people on the front lines of the geek culture business, staying ahead of the trends isn't something that can be left to chance-it's a basic necessity for being successful. That's why ICv2 is the #1 source of news and information for the buyers, gatekeepers, and tastemakers on the front lines. ICv2 is where trend-watching is a science.

Comichron is the world’s largest public repository of comic-book sales figures, featuring data from the 1930s to today about comic book and graphic novel circulation, cover prices, and market shares on its website, With data and analysis on the distant past as well as the present, Comichron serves as a trusted resource for academics studying the historical reach of the medium and for collectors seeking accurate information about how many copies of a comic book originally circulated.
Original infographic design by Kate Willaert.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Batman #50 leads retailer reorders for first week of July

by John Jackson Miller

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The reorder charts for the first week of July are out from Diamond Comic Distributors, and show that, controversial or not, DC Comics' Batman #50 was the top reordered comic book last week by North American retailers. Dark Nights Rising was the top hardcover; Infinity Wars was the top graphic novel.

We've consolidated our reorder reports so that the charts appear on the pages that will eventually house the sales estimates. Click to see the latest reorder chart, which is housed on our July page. Advance reorders, which were mostly taken in June, are on the top half of the page.

Our advance reorder reports have also moved: they'll appear on the page for the month following the current one, usually — although there are going to be occasions like this week, in which Walking Dead 15th Anniversary blind-bag books took the top 15 advance-reorder slots; they don't release until October, but had to be ordered ahead of time for production reasons. Marvel's Infinity Wars #1 was the top August comic book. Click to visit the August page and our latest advance reorder chart.

We'll continue these blog alerts for the benefit of our RSS and front page readers; traffic was showing that most people were looking first at the monthly page, so it made sense to move the charts there.

Monday, July 9, 2018

June 2018 comics orders online: Justice League #1 sells 200k copies; Infinity Gauntlet year's top graphic novel so far

by John Jackson Miller

June 2018 lacked the major anniversary issues that had propelled April and May to positive months, and was further up against June 2017, the second-best month of its year, with a couple of major hits. But while Justice League #1 and its 200,000 copies was no Action #1000 or Amazing Spider-Man #800, eight titles topped 100,000 copies, and the month's sales were enough to ensure that the second quarter was the first growth quarter, year-over-year, since the summer of 2016, during DC's Rebirth launch. Click to see the estimated comics sales for June 2018.

Amazing Spider-Man #800, which came out the last week in May, continued to rack up sales in June, gaining on but not coming close to surpassing Action #1000, which also reappeared in the charts. Click to see the running totals for bestsellers for 2018 to date. Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet moved into first position among graphic novels for the year.

Our preliminary video walkthrough of the month's sales can be found now on our YouTube channel:

Magic Order #1
, an Image title from Mark Millar and Netflix, had reported orders of 157,731 copies, placing it in second; it had further been reduced in reported orders by Diamond by 10% for being fully returnable, meaning its actual number of copies shipped was closer to 175,000 copies. All retailers were given a 60% discount on the title, suggesting that North American retailers paid Diamond a bit over $250,000 for the issue (closer to $280,000 before the reduction for returnability), or about $1.60 per copy.

But Diamond does not appear to have taken in that much money, because of the book's substantially lower dollar ranking; at 12th place and knowing the sales of the surrounding titles, we'd expect it to have only brought in somewhere between $125,000 and $150,000. (Dollar rankings are based on invoiced dollars, or what retailers paid Diamond.) Since comics shops buying at $1.60 a copy could only have accounted for between 78,000 and 94,000 copies at that dollar-ranking level, there has to have been a significant sale at an even greater discount than comics shops received.

If a report that New York Comic-Con purchased a number of copies at 90% off (or 40 cents each) is correct, algebra suggests such an order could potentially have accounted for more than half the copies. (For example, just splitting the reported orders in half, 78,865 copies to the Direct Market at $1.60 and and another 78,865 copies outside it at $0.40 would land at $157,700, a bit higher than our expected range. In another example, a bulk buy of 100,000 copies at 90% off with the rest to the Direct Market would bring the dollar total to over $132,000 — right in the estimated range.)

We can't say much for certain given the data points available — other than that those points do demonstrate a large proportion of sales for a greater discount even than the promotional 60%. As such, awaiting further information, we're giving the entry the same marker we use for Loot Crate titles in our charts, to indicate that more than a third of reported sales apparently went to buyers other than comics shops.

The vital statistics, after the break:

Friday, July 6, 2018

June sales off on fewer releases, but first up quarter since summer 2016; Justice League, Magic Order lead comics

by John Jackson Miller

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June's comic shop orders weren't likely to turn the entire year positive, but they were enough to ensure that the second quarter was the first growth quarter, year-over-year, since the summer of 2016, during the heat of DC's Rebirth launch. According to Comichron's analysis of data released by Diamond Comic Distributors, retailers ordered $42.11 million in comic books, graphic novels, and magazines, bringing the quarterly total to $137 million, up a little over 1% over the same quarter in the previous year, and the highest dollar value seen since the fourth quarter of 2016.

The sales estimates for each title will appear on this page on Monday; keep checking (or subscribe on Twitter to be alerted to when it goes online.)

The quarter brought the year to $251.45 million, down less than 4% against the first half of 2017. Second-quarter sales were up 20% over those from the first quarter, underlining how much less material is in the system in wintertime; still, the quarter was a significant improvement, even accounting for that.

Our video walkthrough of the month's sales can be found now on our YouTube channel:

 See eBay listings for this issue
Even though June 2017 was a disappointment compared to June 2016 (again in the heat of the Rebirth event), it was still the second-best month of the year, and had a couple of legitimate hits in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 and Dark Days: The Forge #1. April and May of this year were headlined by two major anniversary issues, Action Comics #1000 and Amazing Spider-Man #800, each of which brought in about $4 million each; June 2018 lacked anything like that, and was down by — you guessed it — almost exactly $4 million. Justice League #1 was the top seller of the month. Sales comparisons were further affected by a smaller number of new comics releases: this June saw 30 fewer comics released, and IDW in particular had its smallest slate in several years, only 19 new comics.

The number two comic, Mark Millar's Netflix title, Magic Order #1, saw its own orders boosted by Image offering the title at 60% off to all retailers, no matter what their going Image discount rates were; that let the smallest shops buy at the discount level of the largest chains. Furthermore, the issue was returnable, so the numbers we see on Monday will be reduced by 10% by Diamond to account for that. (It was announced there would be no second printings of the first issue, as well; click to see current auctions for the issue on eBay.) [UPDATE: I was asked about reports of a mass external purchase of the title; if true, we'll get an idea of how large it was when the full charts release. If appears to account for more than half the circulation, it'll earn the "Loot Crate dagger" (†) in our charts, which is used to denote items whose sales were mostly to actors outside the Direct Market.]

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The discount effect is clearly visible now, however: Magic Order was the #2 book in units, but didn't make the Top 10 at all in dollars, as seen below. The book also appears to have contributed in part to gap between dollar sales and unit sales this month.

The reverse was the case for graphic novels, which had a good month relative to past performance, off only 2% on a raft of hardcovers, including the top-selling Dark Nights: Metal Deluxe Edition.

Units were off quite a lot more than dollars this month, which means that the graphic novels that were bought, retailers paid more for. Six percent more graphic novels were offered to market this month versus last June.

Compared to their performances last June, Marvel and DC were both off an amount exactly tracking the market overall; neither did any better or worse.

The comparative sales statistics:

June 2018 Vs. May 2018
Graphic Novels-7.44%-8.41%
Total Comics/GNs-14.13%-6.39%
June 2018 Vs. June 2017
Graphic Novels-2.15%-14.24%
Total Comics/GNs-8.62%-9.35%
Year-To-Date 2018 Vs. Year-To-Date 2017
Graphic Novels-8.12%-11.22%
Total Comics/GNs-3.72%-9.77%
Second Quarter 2018 Vs. First Quarter 2018
Graphic Novels+19.01%+19.68%
Total Comics/GNs+19.70%+13.34%
Second Quarter 2018 Vs. Second Quarter 2017
Graphic Novels-3.41%-10.32%
Total Comics/GNs+1.10%-5.28%

The market shares:

PublisherDollar ShareUnit Share
Dark Horse3.23%2.10%

The top-selling comics by units:

1Justice League #13.99DC
2Magic Order #1*$3.99Image
3Tony Stark: Iron Man #1$4.99Marvel
4Amazing Spider-Man #801$3.99Marvel
5Batman #49$2.99DC
6Batman #48$2.99DC
7Deadpool #1$4.99Marvel
8Thor #1$5.99Marvel
9X-Men Gold #30$4.99Marvel
10Justice League #2$3.99DC

The top-selling comics by dollars:

1Justice League #1$3.99DC
2Tony Stark: Iron Man #1$4.99Marvel
3Deadpool #1$4.99Marvel
4Thor #1$5.99Marvel
5Amazing Spider-Man #801$3.99Marvel
6X-Men Gold #30$4.99Marvel
7Immortal Hulk #1$4.99Marvel
8Batman #49$2.99DC
9Justice League #2$3.99DC
10Venom #2$3.99Marvel

The top-selling graphic novels by units:

1Dark Nights: Metal Deluxe Edition HC$29.99DC
2Dark Nights: Metal: Dark Nights Rising HC$29.99DC
3Dark Nights: Metal: The Resistance$24.99DC
4Thanos Wins$19.99Marvel
5The Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel
6Southern Bastards Vol. 4: Gut Check$16.99Image
7Neil Gaiman: A Study In Emerald HC$17.99Dark Horse
8The Flash Vol. 6: A Cold Day In Hell$16.99DC
9Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 6 Fall Of The Batmen$19.99DC
10Super Sons Of Tomorrow$14.99DC

The top-selling graphic novels by dollars:

1Dark Nights: Metal Deluxe Edition HC$29.99DC
2Dark Nights: Metal: Dark Nights Rising HC$29.99DC
3Infinite Crisis Omnibus HC$150.00DC
4Dark Nights: Metal: The Resistance$24.99DC
5The Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel
6Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel
7Thanos Wins Cates$19.99Marvel
8Wonder Woman By George Perez Omnibus Vol. 3 HC$99.99DC
9Runaways By Brian K Vaughan & Adrian Alphona Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel
10Absolute Sandman Overture HC$125.00DC

Finally, the number of new items offered:

Dark Horse2015035
TOTAL SHIPPED43734021798

Nearly 6% fewer comics have been shipped to market overall in the first six months of this year.

We are able to compute midyear dollar market shares at this point: Marvel 37.5%, DC 30.7%, Image 10.2%; IDW 3.7%, Dark Horse 2.6%, Boom 2.1% and Dynamite 1.8%.

As of midyear, the Direct Market's trajectory remains more favorable than it's been in a while: two more quarters of exactly the same size would result in the market being up for 2018, erasing the winter's shortfall. That's in part an indicator of how weak the rest of 2017 was — and within the third quarter, July 2017 was the weakest month. With a new Amazing Spider-Man series and Batman #50 in the mix in July, chances are very good for a resumption of growth months; an identical showing from June would mean a July that's up 3%.

The estimates for individual titles will appear here on Monday. Be sure to check them out.

A personal aside: This is the release weekend for Ant-Man and the Wasp, and if you stay for the credits (and who doesn't, now?) you will see your Comichron archivist — as well as artist Jorge Lucas — named in the acknowledgments. The character played by Walton Goggins originated, in somewhat different fashion, during our Iron Man run years ago. Fun stuff!

Comichron founder John Jackson Miller has tracked the comics industry for more than 20 years, including a decade editing the industry's retail trade magazine; he is the author of several guides to comics, as well as more than a hundred comic books for various franchises. He is the New York Times bestselling author of novels including Star Wars: KenobiStar Wars: A New Dawn, and the Star Trek: Prey trilogy. Read more about them at his fiction site.

Be sure to follow Comichron on Twitter and Facebook, and check out our Youtube channel.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Absolute Sandman, X-Men Gold #30 top reorders for last week of June

by John Jackson Miller

The advance reorder charts from Diamond Comic Distributors for the final week of June are out. First, we'll look at what's already in stores before moving on to the future:

TOP REORDERED ITEMS for June 25-July 1, 2018 (in invoiced dollars)

These are items that have already shipped, but have been receiving additional orders from retailers. In most cases below, the items are in stock and so the orders are being filled; occasionally items are back-ordered, so their reorders will enter into the channel once they become available.

 Find this book at TFAW
DC's Absolute Sandman Overture hardcover was the top reordered hardcover and top reordered item overall in dollars spent by retailers. It went on sale June 27.

Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #800 John Romita Sr. variant was the top-reordered comic book of the week. It went on sale May 30.

The top reordered comic book shipping in June was the wedding issue X-Men Gold #30. It hit shelves on June 20. A second printing is due July 25.

The Infinity Gauntlet collection was yet again the top trade paperback.

The links in the table go to the Diamond information pages for each book.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisher
1Absolute Sandman Overture HC$125.00 DC
2Amazing Spider-Man #800 Jr Sr Var Leg$9.99 Marvel
3X-Men Gold #30$4.99 Marvel
4Venomnibus HC Vol. 1$100.00 Marvel
5Infinity Gauntlet TPB$24.99 Marvel
6Justice League #2$3.99 DC
7Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus HC Vol. 3$99.99 DC
8Dark Nights Metal Deluxe Ed HC$29.99 DC
9Infinity War TPB$29.99 Marvel
10Runaways by Brian K Vaughan & Adrian Alphona Omnibus HC$125.00 Marvel
11Hellboy Omnibus TPB Vol. 2 Strange Places$24.99 Dark Horse
12Dark Days The Road To Metal HC$29.99 DC
13Batman The Golden Age Omnibus HC Vol. 5$99.99 DC
14X-Men Fatal Attractions HC$99.99 Marvel
15Man of Steel #4$3.99 DC
16Batman The Dark Prince Charming HC Book 02$12.99 DC
17Dark Nights Metal Dark Nights Rising HC$29.99 DC
18Teen Titans Special #1$4.99 DC
19X-Men X-Cutioners Song HC$49.99 Marvel
20Avengers Vs Thanos TPB$34.99 Marvel
21Tony Stark Iron Man #1$4.99 Marvel
22Infinity TPB$49.99 Marvel
23Batman #49$2.99 DC
24Shield by Steranko TPB Complete Collection$34.99 Marvel
25Thanos TPB Infinity Abyss New Ptg$24.99 Marvel

And now on to the future...

for June 25-July 1, 2018 (in full retail dollars)

These are items that have not yet shipped, but for which the Final Order Deadlines have passed.

These reorders, if books are available to fill them, may or may not land in the same shipping month as the books' release weeks, so a book's presence on this chart can mean that an item might make a repeat appearance in Diamond's monthly top-seller charts.

DC's Teen Titans #20 was the top advance-reordered comic book. It goes on sale July 25.

The top advance-reordered Marvel title was the George Perez variant of Infinity Wars Prime #1, another July 25 book.

Once again this week, no hardcovers or softcovers made the list.

This chart is ranked by full retail dollars and not units, or wholesale dollars.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisher
1Teen Titans #20$3.99 DC
2Infinity Wars Prime #1 George Perez Var$4.99 Marvel
3Amazing Spider-Man #2$3.99 Marvel
4Teen Titans #20 Var Ed$3.99 DC
5Venom #4$3.99 Marvel
6Teen Titans Special #1 2nd Ptg$4.99 DC
7Infinity Wars Prime #1$4.99 Marvel
8Batgirl #25 Var Ed$4.99 DC
9Venom #1 3rd Ptg Stegman Var$4.99 Marvel
10Wonder Woman #51$3.99 DC
11Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 2nd Ptg Spoiler Var$3.99 Marvel
12Justice League Dark #1$3.99 DC
13Justice League Dark #1 Var Ed$3.99 DC
14Flash #51 Var Ed$3.99 DC
15Thor #1 2nd Ptg Wolverine Var$5.99 Marvel
16Weeknd Presents Starboy #1 2nd Ptg Nguyen Var$3.99 Marvel
17X-23 #2$3.99 Marvel
18Thor #1 2nd Ptg Ward Var$5.99 Marvel
19Aquaman #38 Var Ed$3.99 DC
20Mr and Mrs X #1$3.99 Marvel
21X-Men Gold #30 2nd Ptg Marquez Var$4.99 Marvel
22Avengers #2 3rd Ptg Mcguinness Var$3.99 Marvel
23Teen Titans #20 Variant Edition Featuring Crush$3.99 DC
24Avengers #3 2nd Ptg Medina Var$3.99 Marvel
25Amazing Spider-Man #801 2nd Ptg Martin Var$3.99 Marvel

We've seen enough reorders and advance from the past few weeks from Diamond Comic Distributors to be able to collate some information onto pages for June 2018 and July 2018. Check them out for a further glance at the future.

Be sure to follow Comichron on Twitter and Facebook. And check out our YouTube channel!
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