Monday, April 29, 2019

March 2019 Comics Sales Estimates: Detective #1000 near 527,000 copies, Spidey on move

by John Jackson Miller

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With Avengers: Endgame setting box office records this past weekend, we also got news of a blockbuster comic book's sales in the comics shop market — as well as a couple of dubious records when it comes to pricing. Click to see our comics sales estimates for March 2019.

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North American retailers ordered nearly 527,000 copies of Detective Comics #1000 in March, surpassing Action Comics #1000's figure from April 2018 — despite the fact that the Detective issue cost $2 more.

The issue easily became 2019's bestselling comic so far, according to our running totals. It immediately placed fifth on the list of top-selling comics of the century, before any reorders had been included; it will likely go higher. Orders for the comic book and its many variants were worth more than $5.25 million dollars; the supporting hardcover, Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman, kicked in more than a quarter million dollars with its nearly 9,000 copies sold.

Such colossal unit sales for a $9.99 comic book drove the average price of comics drove the average weighted cost of comic books in the Top 300 — that is, total dollars divided by total units — to a record far surpassing the old one: $4.67. The average comic book in the Top 300 also set a new cover-price record (by one cent), $4.20. The median and most common cover price for comics remains at $3.99. March marked a full year since the weighted average had been below $4. (Click to see average prices across time and other record-setters.)

Amazing Spider-Man improved on its February numbers thanks to its "Hunted" arc. With its Captain Marvel movie in release in March, Marvel's bestseller from January, Captain Marvel #1, saw a second consecutive month with more than 10,000 copies reordered.

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