Monday, May 13, 2019

April estimates: War of the Realms #1 tops 187k copies, Detective #1000 now #2 bestseller of 21st century

by John Jackson Miller

War of the Realms #1 became the #2 bestselling comic book of the year so far in April with sales over 187,000 copies, while the top book of 2019, Detective Comics #1000, racked up another 45,700 copies shipped, moving it into second place on the list of the bestselling comic books of the 21st Century so far. Click to see the sales estimates for April 2019, and the sales estimates for 2019 so far.

Immortal Hulk #16 showed significant improvement in sales over its previous issue, landing in fourth place with more than 90,000 copies sold. Second printings of many issues of the series made the Top 500.

The top comics of the century chart will be updated at the end of the year, but it appears that Detective has sailed past 2014's Amazing Spider-Man #1, 2015's Secret Wars #1, and 2009's Amazing Spider-Man #583 into the second spot. Star Wars #1 appears unassailable, though the just-announced Marvel Comics #1 may make a run on it, depending on its cover price. (It's unclear whether there's enough money in the market to make a $10 or $12 book a million-copy seller, especially without blowing a hole in the month's other sales, so it'll be interesting to watch.)

Technically, something in the neighborhood of 400,000 of those Star Wars #1 copies were shipped to buyers through Loot Crate, and were not actual comics shop sales, so it's entirely possible more copies of Detective #1000 have already shipped to comics shops.

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